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I would like to discuss on whatever your requirement will be. Also I feel pleasure to be a part on that. So let’s just the conversation and finish this in efficient way.

How to fix woocommerce-rating-stars-bugs-sssss?

Fix woocommerce-rating-stars-bugs-sssss body.woocommerce .star-rating span::before {  content: “SSSSS” !important;  color: #e0b22f !important;} .woocommerce .star-rating span{font-family:star !important;} .star-rating::before {    color: #e0b22f;}

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How to create custom popup in html, css and jQuery?

Create custom popup in html, css and jQuery   <html> <head> <script src=””></script> <style> body{ margin:0px; padding:0px; } .outer_quick_view_box {     width: 100%;     height: 100vh;    

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How to create table in database via wordpress plugin code?

 /* ++++++ Create a table +++++++*/ function create_admin_table(){global $wpdb; $create_cases_table_name = $wpdb->prefix . “jaspreetsingh”; $create_cases_table_query = “CREATE TABLE $create_cases_table_name (  ID mediumint(9) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,  name text NOT NULL,  phone

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