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How to create stylish table with CSS :nth-child() Selector with easy-way?

create table with CSS :nth-child() Selector <html> <head> <style> .container{  margin:auto;  width:80%; } .main-row{  width:20%;  float:left;  background-color:#0AA52D;  text-align:center;  padding:10px 0px; color:white; } .col-2{  width:20%;  float:left;  text-align:center;  padding:10px 0px;  border-bottom:1px solid #f1f1f1; } .row{  width:100%;

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How to get full detail of any mobile number in cordova?

Get full detail of any mobile number in cordova. document.addEventListener(“deviceready”, hello, false); function hello(){ navigator.contacts.pickContact(function(contact){  console.log(‘The following contact has been selected:’ + JSON.stringify(contact));   document.getElementById(“number”).innerHTML = ‘The following contact has

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How to pass variable id through href in php

<table class=”table table-hover”> <thead> <tr> <th>Subject</th> <th>Add Topic</th> </tr> </thead> <tbody> <tr> <?php foreach($subjects as $sub):?> <td><?php echo $sub->subject;?></td> <td><a href=’approve.php?id=”.$sub->id.”‘ role=”button” class=”btn”>Add Topic</a></td> </tr> <?php endforeach;?> </tbody></table>

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